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Interested in Qmani smsQ and/or other services?

Simply contact us or send an enquiry and our Qmani Support team will contact you to assist.



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First-time user?

  1. You will be allocated with a userID and initial password.
  2. On sign in, the system will require that you update the password (minimum 6 characters).

Forgot or lost your password?

  1. For your added security, we do not offer automated password reset.
  2. To reset your password, send an email with your request and contact details to: Qmani Support ( and if urgent, follow-up with a phone call to (03) 9855 2013 for Qmani Support. Depending on your organization, you may need to contact your internal support or authorized person who will then contact Qmani Support.
  3. All requests are normally processed on the same day if received by 2pm.
  4. If you cannot email, call Qmani Support at (03) 9855 2013. Our Service Consultants are here to assist your business requirements.
  5. When Qmani Support resets your password, you will be forced to update the password upon first sign in. This is to protect your privacy and security.

Operating Hours?

  1. smsQ is available to you 24-7.
  2. For after-hours urgent support, contact Qmani via the main telephone line: (03) 9855 2013 and follow the prompt for instructions to obtain urgent after-hours support, leave a voicemail as required. If there is no response within 15 minutes, try again and also send an email to:
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